Gregory Baltoro 65L Backpack Review [Shadow Black]

Quick Summary

The Gregory Baltoro 65L pack is a great choice for backpackers. The backpack can fulfil most of the backpack needs of the regular backpacker. With the toughness of the material used in making the backpack, you’re sure of a backpack that can withstand the harshest of conditions.

Gregory Baltoro 65 Pack Review

  • Capacity: 65 Liters
  • Dimensions: 76.2 cm x 43 cm x 30.5 cm (30 inches x 17 inches x 12 inches)
  • Torso length adjustment: 6 cm – 45.7 cm (16 to 18 inches)
  • Pack weight: 22kg (4.9 lbs)
  • Maximum Carry Weight: 23kg (50lbs)


The Gregory Baltoro 65L review showed that the backpack that comes with great features. These features are important and can help you with your backpacking activities.

Some of these features can’t be explained in one liner. We’ll break down these features in this section.

The storage size, the design and the materials used are some of the most important features that we’ll look in this section.

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The Gregory Baltoro 65L comes with a large space that can contain your necessary gears needed for a backpacking activity. There is no way you will ever forget any item because the size is large enough for you to store things.

Full of spaces that you can carry stuff, you won’t go wrong with this backpack.

We’ll go over these storage space and see where it’s located. We’ll also see how it can be used.

Main Compartment

The 65L space of the main compartment is liberal enough to store whatever you want to carry. This is one of the largest spaces you can get in a backpack. Whether it’s your clothes that needs a space or you to want to keep your journal, if you like to document your backpacking activities, there’s more than enough room for you to do that.

You can also store your electronic devices inside the partition created for it in the main compartment.

If you’re a minimalist, you will find this space large enough for carrying whatever you want. It’s easy to arrange your stuff especially with how accessible the main compartment is.

Sleeping Bag Compartment

Supposing you want to sleep during your backpacking activities, you will need to go with something to sleep on. This is especially important if you are camping. Sleep is also necessary if you are hiking. Sometimes, it makes sense to take a quick nap.

A sleeping bag is one of the best options to choose from. Sleeping bags can be mobile and comfortable.

However, despite being mobile or being called a bag, it’s awkward to carry a sleeping bag outside a container. It also introduces messy carriage of gears.

The Gregory Baltoro 65L has a sleeping compartment that can store any sleeping bag. Whether it’s a medium sized sleeping bag or a large sized one, the sleeping bag storage is more than enough to keep to carry it.

Just unzip the bottom of the backpack and there is your backpack’s sleeping bag compartment.


The Gregory Baltoro 65L comes equipped with a daypack. This daypack is detachable, so you can carry it independently of the main backpack.

For travellers, this is a necessity as you might want to take a short tour of some cities. Carrying the big backpack can be quite terrible for the experience and the hassle that it’ll cause you. Just get your main backpack secured and you’re good to go.

Miscellaneous Storages

There are various other spaces on the backpack that can be used to store certain things.

The side pockets can help you hold a bottle of your favourite drink.

You can also store socks, beach sandals or whatever stuff that can’t fit the main compartment.

There’s another quirky storage available on the Gregory Baltoro 65L – an anti-scratch storage for your sunglasses. It’s a hanger to hold the glasses in place.

You can store your smartphone or camera in the water-resistant hipbelt pocket.

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Gregory Baltoro 65L Backpack Review


The Gregory Baltoro 65L review showed that the backpack is made of highquality materials that passed rigorous tests. The backpack can pass through the most demanding of conditions and still come out on top.

The body is made from 210D High Tenacity Nylon and a proprietary Honeycomb Cryptorib Nylon. This combination improves the toughness of the backpack, also making sure that bag is comfortable enough for the user.

To even make it hold properly, the lining of the backpack is made from a 630D High Density Polyester.


A near perfect design is what is expected of a high-quality backpack. On seeing this backpack from Gregory, you’ll see the hard work that the manufacturers put in making the backpack.

However, aesthetics can be quite deceiving as some products might appear to be welldesigned due to its appearance but is nothing close to that when tested. This section will show you why this backpack’s design is great.

U-Shaped Zippers

Of great importance is the shape of the zipper. Many backpacks have their opening from the top.

The shape of the zipper helps you access your stuff easily and quickly. Instead of you going through the stress of stacking your items in the bag, you can arrange them as you fit.

Sometimes, you might want to quickly take something from the bag but aren’t sure of where it is. With the U-Shaped zipper, you can open the bag wide and get the stuff you need. This might not seem much until you’re pressed for time.

The Underneath Bag Straps

When going for hiking, you’ll find there are some things you can’t carry alongside you. It happens multiple times. The straps below the bag can help you hang some things like tent poles, long gears or even hiking rods.

However, be careful of the weight of what you’re carrying. That’s not to see it can’t carry substantial stuffs but adding a weighty item when your bag is already filled can be uncomfortable for you.


  • The backpack has a large capacity
  • There is a rain cover that came with the backpack
  • It’s adjustable to be comfortable enough for any user


  • The waist belt pockets are too small
  • The colour fades easily

Final Words

You’ll agree that the Gregory Baltoro 65L is a great backpack that can fit a variety of activities. This guide is to show you why you should buy the backpack.

With what we’ve seen so far, the Gregory Baltoro 65L Pack is a great value for money.


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