High Sierra Appalachian 75L Review

Quick summary –  High Sierra Appalachian 75 Backpacking Pack Review

This is a large-sized backpack that is surprisingly cheap. Made of top-quality materials, the backpack is sturdy.

You can get this backpack and it’ll be a worthy companion for years to come. Depending on your arrangement, this backpack full of gears should serve you for a weekend or more.


Capacity: 75 Liters
• Dimensions: 86.36 cm x 36.20 cm x 26 cm (34 inches x 14.25 inches x 10.25 inches)
• Weight: 2.6 kg (5.8lbs)


In this section of the High Sierra Appalachian 75L Review, we’ll see how the features of this backpack will benefit you.


The High Sierra Appalachian Backpack is a large size backpack with enough space to carry your stuff. With good organization, you should be able to pack the backpack with the essentials for a weeklong trip.

Let’s see how you can use the storage.

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Main Compartment

The 75 liters size of the main compartment is large enough to contain your bits and pieces. So whether it’s some items of clothing or other supplies, the main compartment will be enough to carry them.

You should not be carried away by the large space as laxity can mean that you’d arrange the bag negligently will make the backpack fill up quickly.

If you meticulously layout your items, the bag will not only be sufficient for you but will be comfortable for you to carry.

Sleeping Bag Compartment

Spending more than a day in your adventure or whatever activity will need you to sleep. It might not be the kind of comfortable sleep that you get when at home, but it should be enough and passable for you to be alert when you wake up.

The backpack has storage for a sleeping bag beneath the main compartment. This space can be accessed from the bottom of the backpack.

You can also get to it from the main compartment through the zipper that separates them.

The sleeping bag compartment is large enough to contain most sleeping bags. If a sleeping bag does not fit at first, don’t fret. Just force it in. It’ll enter.

As an aside, you store another thing in this space if you won’t be using a sleeping bag.

Hydration Sleeve

Instead of dragging water containers with you on a hike, the High Sierra Appalachian backpack has a space that can help you carry water inside the backpack. The hydration sleeve can carry a water bladder.

A 3-liter hydration bladder can fit into the backpack. You can carry more than that amount of water. But, it’s wise to keep it simple.

One liter of water weighs about 1 kg. This can add up to the weight of the backpack pretty fast.

Make sure that the water bladder fits into the backpack before you get one.


The backpack has multiple pockets that can extend the space offered by the main compartment.

Each side of the backpack has a side pocket. These side pockets can hold a water container or a bottle of drink.

Adding bottles of water can help you reduce the amount of water you carry in the water bladder stored in the hydration sleeve.

There’s also a front pocket. This pocket is large but not deep. It can contain things like flip-flops, or even a map.

It’s a surprise that the hip belt doesn’t have a pocket.

High Sierra Appalachian 75L Review


The High Sierra Appalachian Backpack is made from high-quality materials. This made the backpack durable and could last for a long time.

Nylon Mini-Diamond Ripstop is used to make the backpack. This material is one of the toughest nylon materials available everywhere.

The material is specially designed to resist tears and rips.

The way the nylon is weaved is one of its greatest advantages. The multidirectional weave ensures that the backpack is fortified against fraying.

It also ensures that the backpack does not disintegrate.


Our High Sierra Appalachian 75L review demonstrated the design of the backpack. We were able to see the efforts put into making this backpack.

Length Adjustment of Straps and Hip Belt

The backpack has straps that can be adjusted to fit different torso types. Why this matter is that anyone can use the backpack, provided the straps are adjusted to fit the user.

The 15 – 20 inches range of torso fit will make it suitable for an average person and also a tall person.

However, be sure that your torso length falls into this range before buying this backpack.

The hip belt is also adjustable. To keep you balanced, the hip belt is adjustable. Whether you’re trim or fat, you can adjust the hip belt to fit your waist.

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Suspension System

To ensure that the user is comfortable, the maker of this backpack added a suspension system to the backpack.

The suspension system of the high sierra appalachian 75l top load backpack is made of two aluminum frame bars that can be adjusted to fit the back.

This helps generate the needed friction and direct the weight.

In addition to the aluminum is the shoulder harness that helps to keep your shoulder comfortable.

Bottom Straps

You might, from time to time, as an aside forget to carry some gears, or they might simply not fit into the backpack.

Instead of dropping the object, you might want to consider carrying it with the straps on the bottom of the backpack.

Breathable Back Panel Pad

The back-panel pad has a breathable design with an airflow channel that helps air move through and cool your back.

This reduces the chances of your back getting damp during your camping, hiking, or whatever thing you do.


The following might help you with more reasons as to why you should get the High Sierra Appalachian 75L.
• Great design alongside been functional.
• It’s a large-sized backpack
• It can be used by anyone


Some things are not so great with the high sierra appalachian 75l top load backpack. If you can overlook them, the better.

That doesn’t mean it will ruin your overall experience.
• The backpack is kind of heavy
• It’s not suitable for minimalist

Final Words

If you’re a regular backpacker, this backpack will be a great choice for you. This High Sierra Appalachian review is created to help you make an informed choice when shopping for a backpack.


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