High Sierra Explorer 55L Backpack Review [65L Too]

Quick summary- High Sierra Explorer 55l Internal Frame Backpack Review

The High Sierra Titan is a great backpack that gives you value for your money. With great features and sturdiness, the backpack can serve you in the most difficult of terrains.

There are two sized options to choose from.

One can meet carryon requirements, while the other can carry more stuff.

High Sierra Explorer 55L Backpack Review

If you’re thinking of a backpack that will be a companion for a weekend in an off the beaten track, then you should consider the High Sierra Titan Backpack.


  • Capacity: 55 Liters or 65 Liters
  • Dimensions: 74.9 cm x 35.6 cm x 21 cm (29.5 inches x 14 inches x 8.25 inches)
  •  Sleeping bag compartment size: 20 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm (8 inches x 8 inches x 12 inches)


This High Sierra Titan 55L/65L review will help you see the benefits of this backpack. This section will show you some of the features that are important to the backpack.


The High Sierra Titan 55/65 Backpack comes in either the 55 liters or the 65 liters size. Aside from this disparity, every other storage space is the same. With these spaces, you should be able to carry whatever you want to carry.

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Main Compartment

The main compartment of the High Sierra Titan 55/65 L can carry a lot of things. Whether you settle for the 55 liters or it’s the 65 liters, you will still be able to convey the things you need.

This means if your packaging is organized, the backpack should be enough for you.

With the large size of this backpack, you won’t have a problem with inadequate gears or necessities again.

They’ll all be inside your bag.

Sleeping Bag Compartment

If you’ll be spending some days outside, you’ll need to carry a sleeping bag with you. The High Sierra Titan 55L/65L has storage where you can store the sleeping bag. This means you won’t need to sacrifice sleeping during your backpacking activities.

There are some complaints of the sleeping compartment being not large enough to contain many sleeping bags.

Thus, you have to be sure of the size of the sleeping bag before buying it.

High Sierra Explorer 55L Backpack Review

Hydration Sleeve

Water is very important during hiking. While many experts also recommend carrying glucose, the verdict on water and hiking is out.

No one will dispute the fact that water is an important part of day treks or any journey down the beaten tracks.

In the High Sierra Titan 55L/65L Backpack review, we showed that there is an option to carry water with you on the backpack.

It’s for this reason that the makers added a hydration sleeve to the backpack. All you need to do is to get a hydration bladder that can fit into the space provided.

You can carry as much water as you like. But, 3 liters is reasonable. Any size greater than that can increase the weight of the backpack.


There are multiple pockets in the High Sierra 55L/65L Backpack. These pockets help to extend the size of the backpack. It also helps you store small things.

There are dual mesh pockets that can hold water bottles.

The waist belt also has pockets on it. These pockets contain zippers so anything stored in there can be secured.

Then there’s a further pocket that contains the rain cover should it rain.


The material used in making the High Sierra Titan 55L/65L is high quality and durable material. It’s not hard to see how it reveals in the backpack.

The 300 x 250 Denier Duralite Mini-Hexagon Ripstop material used in making the backpack is a solid material.

Not only that, but the material is also water-resistant.

This doesn’t mean that the bag is waterproof but that when the bag gets wet, it won’t spread the wetness across your stuff.

Another benefit of this material is that the backpack can be easily cleaned. Cleaning the bag is uncomplicated.

The color of this backpack will determine how often you clean it. It’s great you chose a color you can maintain.

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Our High Sierra Titan 55L/65L review showed that the backpack is well designed. It’s a surprise because we thought cheap means low-quality but the makers of this gem proved us wrong.

Length Adjustment of Straps

A great perk of using the High Sierra Titan 55L/65L is that you can adjust the size of the torso straps. This is helpful for a tall person seeking to use the bag. It’s equally the same for shorter people.

Thus, the backpack can be used by both younger and older persons. This can be helpful if you would want to share the backpack with someone else.

The strap is S-shaped and has a load-lifter that you can adjust. This keeps the load away from one section of your back.

The load is spread evenly.

Breathable Back Panel Pad

When going for a hike, one thing that you should consider is how comforting the backpack will be for you. If the backpack is uncomfortable, the hike might be uncomfortable for you too.

The back pad on the High Sierra Titan 55L/65L is designed for comfort. This design is solid enough to give your back enough padding.

The large airflow channels ensure that adequate air flows around your back. This reduces how much you perspire during your hiking.

To ensure that you don’t feel uncomfortable with the backpack, it is designed to be form-fitting. The backpack assumes a natural position on your back.


If you need some more reasons why you should get the High Sierra Titan 55L/65L Backpack, these can help you.
• The backpack is affordable.
• The design is functional.
• Adjustable and suitable for everyone


Some things are not so great with the Teton sports 3400. If you can overlook them, that won’t still ruin your overall experience.
• The sleeping bag compartment is not large enough.
• The weight of the backpack is on the high side

Final Words

The High Sierra Titan 55L/65L Backpack is great for adventurists. Whether you’re new to hiking or new to it, you’ll find the backpack as a suitable choice.

This High Sierra Titan 55L/65L Backpack review showed you some reasons why you should get the backpack.

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