Osprey Atmos 65 AG Backpack Review [with IMAGES]

Quick Summary

The Osprey Atmos 65 AG Backpack is a great backpack for everyone regardless of whether you’re a beginner backpacker or not.

Osprey Atmos AG 65 Hiking Backpack Review

  • Capacity: 65 Liters
  • Dimensions: 76.2 cm x 43 cm x 30.5 cm (30 inches x 17 inches x 12 inches)

Torso length adjustment: 38 cm – 49.5 cm (15 inches to 19.5 inches)

Pack weight: 2.06 kg (4.56 lbs)

Sleeping bag compartment size: 35.5 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm (14 inches x 8 inches x 8 inches)

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You’ll never go wrong with the Osprey Atmos 65 AG backpack. This backpack has a lot of features that’ll help you whether you’re hiking or with whatever you’re doing.

This section will show you some of these features and how it’ll be of benefits to you.

You’ll learn about the design of the backpack, the materials used and how it is of importance to you. Also, of note is the storage, so you’ll be able to know what you’ll be getting.


Packed with enough space, you’ll find the Osprey Atmos with a lot of storage spaces that you can store your stuff.

You’ll be able to learn about these spaces and what you’ll use them for.

Pay attention to this section as it’s the major reason why you’ll be getting the backpack. All other features are perks. The space you get is the most important thing.

Main Compartment

Sporting a size of about 65 liters, the Osprey Atmos 65 can store most of your stuff. All you have to do is drop whatever you want to carry inside the backpack, and you’re good to go.

The 65 liters space is enough to carry a lot of things.

Whether it is for a day or for the weekend, you have enough spaces to carry your wares.

While this space is sizable, you might not like the fact that there is no zipper for this space. You get to open or close it by using the drawstring built into the backpack.

Sleeping Bag Compartment

To keep you ready, the Osprey Atmos 65 has a space for a sleeping bag compartment. So, whether you plan on spending a night or a weekend, you will find this space useful to keep your sleeping bag.

The sleeping bag compartment is located at the bottom of the bag.

Sometimes, you might need to catch a quick nap and there’s nothing you can do about it.

But, with a sleeping bag around, what you need to do is to hop into your sleeping bag. You can still find practical use for the compartment if you don’t want to keep a sleeping bag in it.


There are multiple pockets in the Osprey Atmos 65 AG backpack that you can’t seem to get enough of.

Is it a water bottle you have with you? The side pockets can help to keep them.

You can still store other stuff in the remaining pockets of the Osprey Atmos 65 AG backpack. You’ll find them useful.

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Osprey Atmos 65 AG Backpack Review


One of the main reasons why the Osprey Atmos 65 AG backpack is remarkable is the materials used to make it. The materials are durable enough and are of high quality.

To ensure that the backpack is solid, the manufacturers made use of different materials for different section of the backpack.

The main pack is made from 100 x 630D Nylon Dobby.

High tenacity nylon material is used for making the accent of the Osprey Atmos 65 AG backpack.

To keep the bag solid and waterproof, a 420 Nylon Packcloth is used to make the bottom of the backpack.


The manufacturers put great thoughts and consideration when making this backpack. This Osprey Atmos 65 AG review showed that the high quality of this backpack is due to the diligence of the backpack’s maker.

Weight Distribution

Instead of the weight of the bag being concentrated on one region of the back that can cause damages to the spine, the Osprey Atmos 65 AG distributes the weight across the entire body. When you carry this backpack, you won’t need to schedule a session with an orthopaedist.

The load lifter on the bag also ensure that the top of the backpack does not pull away from the bag.

Since the backpack has a large space that can carry a high volume of materials, the weight can easily pull the bag down and rip off the top of the bag.

Adjustable Hip Strap & Hip Belts

To cater to all kind of backpack users, the Osprey Atmos 65 AG has a strap that is adjustable enough for users of varying height.

The belts will keep the bag held tightly to your body.

Made by quality workmanship, you’ll find the belts and straps comfortable enough on your body.

Open Webbings Design

The open webbings design on the backpack helps to improve ventilation when you’re carrying the backpack.

A non-webbed design can cause the air to flow inadequately. It might even cause an irregular airflow, which will not be of much benefit to you, the carrier.

With little perspiration from your hike, you can keep germs away. Perhaps more important is that you will be able to prevent your skin from peeling after a hike because a sweaty body for a long time can cause your skin to become irritated especially when you’re putting on clothes.

Drawstring Fastener

In a twist different from most regular backpacks, the Osprey Atmos 65 uses a drawstring instead of zippers to the main compartment.

It might be advantageous to you if you are not comfortable with zippers. In fact, some backpackers have lamented how their zippers got damaged while they where out backpacking. So, instead of zipping, you just need to pull the strings up and you’re good to go.


  • The Osprey Atmos 65 is comfortable even if you’re going to wear the backpack for hours.
  • The ventilation design helps to improve airflow.


  • The hipbelt can cause discomfort
  • There is no raincover to prevent your things from getting wet during rainy periods.
  • The drawstring can be

Final Words

The Osprey Atmos 65 is a great backpack made by one of the best backpack manufacturers you’ll find.

This Osprey Atmos 65 review has shown you some of the reasons that will help you make an informed buying decision.


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