Wasing 55L Backpack Review – Based on Experience!

Quick summary – Wasing 55l Internal Frame Backpack Review

Some of the best things in life comes cheap. The Wasing 55 Backpack is no exception to this. It’s a surprise when you see a well-designed backpack and durable for about half the price of the average backpack.

With a lot of pockets and a large 3400 cubic inches main compartment, you’ll be able to pack whatever you need for a weekend.

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Wasing 55L Backpack Review

Comfort is also another reason to go for the Wasing 55 Backpack as the makers prioritized it in the choice of materials and how it’s made.

• Capacity: 55 Liters
• Dimensions: 68.8 cm x 32 cm x 25 cm (27.1 inches x 12.5 inches x 9.8 inches)
• Pack weight: 2 kg (4.5 lbs)


The Wasing 55 Backpack is a great bag that you will find useful. It’s packed with valuable features for your everyday backpacking needs. In this section, we’ll see some of these features. On learning of these features, you’ll also see how you can maximize their benefits for a successful outing.


You won’t go wrong with the storage size of the Wasing 55 Backpack. The space available in this backpack is enough to store the necessities for a weekend of hiking or whatever activity you will do along the beaten track.
In this section, you’ll see this storage and what you can use them for.

Main Compartment

With a space of 55 liters of space in the main compartment, the Wasing 55 Backpack is everything you’ll need for a backpack.

The main storage can carry your stuff from the clothes that you need and other things that you will need.

Many hikes turn out to be a mess because the bag couldn’t carry all that’s needed. The painful part is that we tend to manage space most times. With the Wasing 55 backpack, it’s a different story. A positive story!

Wasing 55L Backpack Review

Hydration Bladder

What’s a day trip without water? Disastrous!

If you’ve gone on hiking or on a day trek, you’ll agree that water is important. But carrying a water container can bog down a journey.

Difficult terrains do not need extra load. Remember water is heavy too. A liter weighs 1kg, without factoring the weight of the container.

The bladder sleeve contained in the backpack allows you to carry enough water for a day trip.

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To ensure easy access to backpacks, pockets are added. You can take anything you want from these pockets without needing to remove the backpack.

For instance, you don’t need to drop your backpack to get a water container from the side pockets.

For the Wasing 55 Backpack, there are 9 pockets. Yes! Nine pockets. If you’re not excited about that, I wonder what can excite you.

There are two pockets on the lid. One on the underside. The other pocket is on the top of the lid. The lid can be removed from the backpack.

The two side pockets can carry water cans as your hand can access them easily from that position.

There’s also a pocket at the front of the backpack. The bottom part of the backpack can hold something too. However, be careful so you don’t put something that can be broken.

You can make use of the two mesh pockets to store things like socks, or a wet handkerchief. The air from the mesh space can prevent them from becoming stinking.

Finally, the hip pocket can hold your smartphone, cameras, or even your keyholders.

With these multiple pockets, there are little chances that you’ll forget anything. Carrying small necessities just got easier.


The Wasing 55 Backpack review showed that it’s made up of solid material.

This material used in the backpack ensured that the Wasing 55L internal frame backpack is sturdy and durable. Ripstop Polyester used in making the backpack is one material used in a lot of industries.

The material is water-resistant. This is why it’s used in making paragliding canopies and stunt kites.

It also means that your clothes or whatever stored in the backpack might not get wet or damp during your day trip.

The material is also tear-resistant and does not fade easily. You can use the Wasing 55 Backpack for years and it won’t lose its color.


The Wasing 55 Backpack is well designed. When we carried out our Wasing 55 Backpack review, we were able to see and play with this design.

In this section, you’ll see why we say the backpack is well designed.

Foam Back Panel

Moving with a backpack for more than an hour will take a toll on the back. This is due to the weight. Another factor we forget is that inadequate padding can also cause harm to the spine.

The Wasing 55 internal frame backpack has a solid and soft foam that functions as the back panel for the backpack.

Coupled with the airflow channels built into the surface, the back doesn’t get damp from sweat. This is because, with enough ventilation, your back will be cool and dry.

A less soggy body, the more comfortable the adventurist will be.

Attachment Hook Point

The pockets and spaces available on backpacks are not enough to carry everything that you need. Sometimes, we end up carrying an extra bag.

There are also some things that might ordinarily not fit into a conventional bag. A hiking rod is an example.

Instead of getting a different bag to hold stuff like this, you can use the hook point on the Wasing 55 Backpack to attach it.

But you should be careful of what you attach to the backpack. Some stuff can be weighty.


If you need some more reasons why you should get the Wasing 55 Backpack, they following are things to ponder on.
• Very cheap
• The backpack is lightweight.
• There’s a rain cover added to it.


There are some things that are not so great with the Wasing 55 Backpack. This doesn’t mean that you won’t get a great experience from using the backpack.
• It’s not suitable for tall or big people.
• The length of the weight strap can be uncomfortable for a lot of people.

Final Words

The Wasing 55 Backpack is a great backpack. Whether you’re a beginner backpacker or a veteran, the backpack will appeal to you.

What this Wasing 55 Backpack review did was to show you some of the reasons why buying the backpack is a great choice for your money.

Hopefully, the features considered in this review will help you make an informed decision when choosing a backpack.


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